The Company

Mastrotto Fabrizio, following the thirty-year experience of father Silvano, deals with the processing of Pietra di Vicenza.
He makes works for the building, including door and window framing, columns, balustrades and interior stairs. It also deals with interior furnishings such as fireplaces, crystal tables, consoles and exterior furnishings such as wall panes, garden fountains, flower pots, vases and benches.
Numerous are the statues realized, and the constant desire for innovation has led to the realization of various useful objects for the home, and at the same time give a touch of originality.
In addition to craftsmanship, which remains the primary objective in terms of quality and style, the company also performs turning and drawing operations, including CAD systems.



  • craftsmanship, turning

  • realization of design, CAD

  • coatings



  • antiquating

  • personalized proposals

  • tailor-made




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